50 years...

...that's a long time to do one thing!

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Part philosopher, part accountant Errol has shaped the creative minds of Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, for over 50 years.

During this time Errol has mentored 5,350 students on the art, science and philosophy of creative entrepreneurship, preparing them to run incredible creative businesses and succeed in a challenging and ever-changing field.

His simple and honest pieces of wisdom never fail to make you stop and think, which has made him an invaluable mentor, sought-after counsel and respected speaker.

This book is a celebration of his journey, drawing together the 50 most important lessons he has taught (and learned) over the last 50 years.


We began this journey with the end in mind.

Three simple goals.

1. Create a book to celebrate my 50 years of teaching at Art Center.
2. Make something that stands out. Something special and meaningful, something people want to buy but never want to sell.
3. Break-even.

As with many of my conversations, our conversation about achieving these ends digressed to a few choice stories. The story of a chocolate telephone, sneaking backstage at a rock concert, illustration, horses, being grateful for beds and my irregular-sized CV.

On closer reflection, an ordinary book wasn't going to be enough.

Whatever we made it needed to contain my writing AND exemplify my philosophies for life, teaching and business.

This book, my book, is that.

My 50 years of teaching experience showcased in written word and my philosophy showcased in every other detail. This is hard for me to put into words, but it will be self-evident when you receive it, and I am immensely proud of the results so far.

However, lightning can strike in the same place twice.

A few months into this project, we realised something else was missing. Those who know me know that I'm at my best on my feet, not literally but mentally. I think, speak and teach at my best extemporaneously.

So to increase the value I can add to the book and the value you can derive from it, we decided to add a live conversation alongside the manuscript. This conversation/masterclass will happen once the book is in your hands. It will be live. You will be our audience. It will be recorded, edited and then shared only with you.

This project is ongoing. We have passed major milestones, but this email is the biggest one so far. I'm fortunate to be supported by a great team, and whilst the core of the written work is finished, there is still a great deal heavy lifting left to do.

Ok, let's get to the point and move on to the exciting news.

50 pre-orders are now open.

SO, What's included?

Yes, this is a book.

But, it is also much more than just a book.

With each pre-order you will receive.

- An individually numbered (1-250) copy of 50.
- A 2hr live online masterclass with Errol.
- A personal mention inside the book itself.
- A free digital copy of our next book project.
- and more rewards coming soon.



- An individually numbered (1-250) copy of 50.
- A 2hr live online masterclass with Errol.
- A personal mention inside the book itself.
- A free digital copy of our next project.
- More rewards coming soon.

$149 + postage
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Additional Information

Not for Profit

We began this project with the end in mind.

Three simple goals.

1. Celebrate 50 years.
2. Make a standout product - something people want to buy but  never want to sell.
3. Break even.

Profit was never on our radar.

For full transparency our break even point is estimated to be 178 copies sold. Rudimentary math shows that if we sell out, after we settle all our bills, we will take money away from this project.

This money will not be taken as profit but instead it is going to be reinvested to launch our next book project.

As a token of our gratitude we are including a free digital copy of this project with every pre-order of 50.

This will probably take us another year.


Are there really only 250 copies of this book?

Yes - and no!

Only 250 copies of this book are available to pre-order, numbered in the order they are secured. (It will be interesting to see where numbers 1, 50 and 250 go).

However, we are going to print 50 extra copies.

These will not be available to purchase. Some are needed to say thank you to key people involved in the book's creation. Also, we need spares if we damage any during packaging and delivery.

But mostly, we wanted a few spare copies to do something creative. We don't fully know what we will use them for, but we 100% guarantee we will only print 300 copies. The spare 50 will remain unnumbered and are not available to purchase from us.

Other questions
Who are 3point175?

3point175 is a UK based company that I am currently collaborating with on several projects, including coaching and this project. Iain runs it and he's worth looking up if you run a creative business or are trying to make something of note.

When will the book be ready?

As we know Hofstadter’s law is the observation that “It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.” Any time estimates for how long anything will take to accomplish always fall short of the actual time required -- even when the time allotment is increased to compensate for the human tendency to underestimate it.

We are hoping to have this with you before the year end.

When will the masterclass take place?

Again we don't know the exact date yet but we can tell you that it will be after the book has been released. To give you and idea of timezone, the most likely time and date will be a Thursday morning at 10 -12 PT.