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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Born and raised in Apartheid in South Africa, Errol left for the United States in 1966. There, he received an MBA in Finance and Management and quickly swapped the security of working for someone else with the adventure of founding his own firm.

As well as being a highly sought after consultant, Errol has been teaching Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management for almost half a century (and counting). During this time Errol has mentored over 6,300 students on how to run successful and effective businesses.

Errol is best known for how he shares insights from the world of Entrepreneurship. Part philosopher, part accountant, his stories and experiences have made him a sought-after counsel and a respected educator.

Errol always offers simple and honest pieces of wisdom that never fail to make you stop and think.

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Not everyone has a grateful mindset. But you can develop a gratitude habit. You can practice appreciation daily, and your life will change exponentially for the better.


In this episode, we learn about the Entrepreneurial Spirit and how to stand out with Art Center legend Errol Gerson.

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Just like the carpenters rule “measure twice, cut once” my goal is to make you "think twice and act once."